Expressive Healing Art

Expressive Yoga Healing Arts Course with Helena Fierle

Im Shakti Yogastudio Berlin

Ecstatic Yoga Course
How do I connect with myself? How do I feel in your body and how can you bring this feeling into expression and words? How can I free myself of judgements and tap into my own source of love? Where do I find inner-stability in a world of uncertainty and change? 

These questions will inspire and guide us during this 6 week course. 
My name is Helena, I’m the founder of Onaflow Yoga. I invite you to read the questions above… do these questions spark something in your heart?
Along my path as a teacher and student, I have loved combining my passions for movement and reflection. Taking time to move through Ecstatic dance and yoga, then settling into meditation, a place of stillness to notice the influence movement has on my body and mind. From this place of noticing writing down my thoughts and observations to feel a deeper relationship with myself and experience of the world. 
In this course I will share the practices of Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Writing and Meditation- tools for finding more joy and ease in life.
Ecstatic Yoga is a meditative flow style yoga. In this style of yoga you begin in meditation and slowly build the energy in your body to freely and creatively dance your way into each pose. There is no right or wrong, we aim to quiet the judging mind and move from a place of freedom and openness- this is where we find ecstacy in our being alive. 
We will use free form writing to explore our thoughts on paper and share with our group when we feel called. 
Whether you’re looking for a new adventure with yourself, have never done yoga or have done it a million times- you are welcome to join me. At this end of this course I want you to feel the power in knowing yourself deeper, what makes you YOU, and how to express yourself in daily life, to live a deeper, richer, and more ecstatic life. 

This is a course to dive deeper into yoga and support personal expansion through movement and creative art practices. 

We will be exploring Ecstatic Yoga, 5 rhythms dance, creative writing and guided meditations. 
The course is divided into 6 powerful sessions to support you in these times of change. Each session we will dive into a special topic focused around what it means to express who we are, what we feel, and how to find our center in times of change and uncertainty.  

This is small private group work of 6 to 8 people. Spots are filling up! Would love to have you join.

6 – week course 1st, 2nd & 4th Saturday in September & Octobefrom 11:00- 13:00  Location: Shakti Yoga Berlin, near U6 Platz der Luftbrücke Total Cost: 340€ 

Information to Helena Fierle-
Email or +491753491872

Shakti Yogastudio Berlin,

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