Dance with Parvati


DANCE WORKSHOP mit Anna Punda: 08.04.18-von 17:00-19:00h

„For me Bharatanayam is not just a performing art, it is a spiritual practice through the body, it is a unification of lover and beloved within“.

Bharatanayam opens up to the new perception of the body and rhythm. The body becomes the medium of communication with the Divine or Higher Self, thus it demands conscious understanding of body, mind and emotions.

Presence in the space, elegant strength, endurance, flexibility, new sense of groundness, vaster sensation of own body and being, introduction to Bharatanayam philosophy – are some of the topics we will explore during the Bharatanayam inspired sessions. Additionally we will focus on embodiment through the movement. Every month we will embody different divine female manifestation, what stands for desired qualities within, such as strength, delightful detachment, joy, reassuring intuition.

We start the journey with Parvati. Parvati represents discipline, vast love, detachment, endurance and perseverance. „Parvati teaches us the ability to reinvent ourselves in different forms and yet without feeling confined just to one of them“.

INDIAN DANCE-PRAXIS: In total Bharatanayam inspired sessions consist of 5 units. Every unit is dedicated to one symbolic manifestation of the divine, Parvati, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Kali, Durga. All these deities are pure forms that embody the primordial female forces. In psychological terms they are archetypical subtle energies we can uncover within through the movement.

About Anna Punda:

For many years Anna has been investigating different arts of movement. Her research took her first to Mexico where she was investigation on the therapeutical effects of Aztec Dance, then to India and Lisbon, where she was gathering materials for her research on female representations in the movement and the experience of it through specific forms of movements. Bharatanayam however, was her biggest passion since many years. Along the way she met wonderful teachers, like Rajyashree Ramesh, Karen Lai Taguet, and Jayanthi Subramaniam in Chennai, India. Rajyashree Ramesh remained Annas guru since the beginning. For Anna Dance is an art of the spiritual practice through the body-„Bharatanayam is my yoga“- therefore, Nritha, the bodily movements of Bharatanyam is Annas main Focus.

Currently, Anna is working on her second book „Women who dare elevate through the body“ and absolving yoga teacher training by Shakti Yogaloft.

Eintritt: 30€, ermäßigt 25€, Informationen und zur Anmeldung.

Ort: Shakti-Yogaloft, Telefon 030/81859242,



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